The Doctor’s In…

I have a hospital appointment today. I hate these, they take up several hours for a five minute ‘hi how are you’ from my Consultant.

Quick bit of background for those confused: in 2010 I underwent treatment for Stage II Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma (Mediastinal Primary Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma to give you the full name) and so now I have to periodically go back to have blood tests and update the doctor on how I’m feeling. They’re largely uneventful and I haven’t even had a scan in a year.

Long story short, it’s really boring. I also feel quite silly having to update my doctor on every cold, headache and ailment I have. Being required to monitor these things you get rather paranoid that every illness could lead to something much worse.

Couple weeks ago, for about three days, I had horrible muscle pain. Not aches, but it felt like I’d run two marathons in high heels. It was like really bad muscle soreness; I couldn’t move my legs, neck, stomach – oh man, my abs were killing me! I hadn’t even exercised, but whenever I stretched, coughed, even when I shifted about in my chair, I was in agony. Thankfully this stopped, but then I went home from work feeling like I was about to throw up one day. The following week I felt a bit iffy, and then had to book time off due to a stuffy head and sore throat which hasn’t quite gone yet.

Sounds like nothing, but my doc is required to know this in case he thinks that I’m displaying symptoms. It’s horrible thinking that a cold could be a sign of Cancer, but when you have what I had, an enlarged spleen occurs which leads to a lowered immune system, so you have to watch it.

Well hopefully my blood count will be regular, and the aches, pains and grossness is just a sign of a winter bug.


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