There’d be too much to write fully, so here’s a bullet point summation of what happened on moving day:

  • Landlady called me whilst I was dropping things at my folks demanding I get home and move my things in about 30 minutes, as she had to go out, and wanted to supervise the situation ‘given the circumstances’.
  • I got there, and she demanded the key immediately, saying I should come back tomorrow (yes, in complete contrast to what she’d just said) and her brother would let me in. Naturally, I refused.
  • She kept demanding the key, and saying that for all she knows if she leaves the house I’d rob her blind. I said her house was full of tat and there was nothing I’d want even if I had the intention of it. Not that I did.
  • Whilst packing, she followed me around like a virus everywhere. At one point standing literally a foot from me, staring at the back of my head. When I asked her to stop staring at me, she said she was ‘supervising the situation’.
  • This is important: she checked the wardrobes (some of which had her belongings in) whilst I was standing there and said nothing.
  • I left, and she left for her function at the same time.
  • Two hours later (whilst she was still at her function) she texted me saying ‘you have stolen a wall hanging from my wardrobe, it seems I did have something you wanted’.
  • I replied telling her where to go, as I’d taken nothing.
  • She then accused my dad, brother in law and his brother in law of stealing it instead. She said she’ll call the Police.
  • So I told her to call them, and then I’d sue her ass for harassment and unlawful eviction.
  • No reply since. Not sure if she’ll keep at it, but we’ll see. I won’t speak to her again, I’ll just gather all the evidence and then if the Police are called, I’ll let rip.

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